I-Real is delighted to offer you a total concept. This means that, as well as our software and hardware solutions, we also want to offer you good support and additional services. Service and maintenance of software, technical architecture and measurement and control systems are crucially important in safeguarding the continuity of the entire system.

Service desk

I-Real has a professional service desk for first-line assistance with technical or other questions or notifications. Our service employees are always available to respond to your queries during office hours.

The service desk is available 24 hours a day via a direct number: +31 (0)315 200031 or at

24/7 support

Service desk 2 You will be connected to the I-Real emergency service outside office hours. All incoming notifications are recorded in our reporting system. The notification is classified and assigned to an employee, depending on the SLA agreement. A workflow procedure is used to follow the progress of notifications. This prevents that a notification is not followed up or handled in time. I-Real offers remote support via remote software; a very practical solution in handling user questions and offering user support.

Additional services

As well as Service & Support we offer you various services that make using our solutions even more efficient in the long term. These include:

  • Maintenance of piezometers and measurement systems
  • Calibration of sensors
  • Surveys of pump sumps and peripheral facilities

Maintenance of piezometers and measurement systems

Our measurement systems can be used for many applications. It is not always possible to prevent to measurement system (data logger and/or sensor) damage through vandalism or natural influences. During periodic data logger and sensor maintenance, the piezometers or boreholes are pumped dry and the measurement equipment, piezometer and environment are cleaned. Depending on the type of measurement system, this is also often the time to change the battery (as preventive measure).

Sensor calibration

Our employees do not only install many sensors for ground and surface water monitoring every month, but also in waste water pumping stations, peripheral facilities and overflow sites. It is a known fact that sensors, irrespective of brand, will deteriorate over time. This means that measurement precision will reduce over time. That is why we visit the measurement locations for you periodically and recalibrate sensors.

Surveying pump sumps and peripheral facilities

For the design of H2gO, but also for the correct installation of data loggers and monitoring systems it is important that you have the correct pump sump size and peripheral facilities. In practice it often appears that the sizing is not or not completely available or is outdated. I-Real can survey all relevant locations prior to the start of your project. This means you do not face any delays and you are assured of correct installation.

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