To link and communicate with various systems I-Real delivers freely programmable PLCs and PLC programs. We program various PLC controls according to our customers’ wishes and offer an entirely independent solution using various manufacturers. This enables us to offer the best solution for your requirements. As well as delivering the PLC program we can also supply the control computer and accompanying programs, and supply and install outdoor cabinets, (extra) sensors and indoor cabinets.

If you choose I-Real, you are choosing open systems and minimum dependency. These are our most important starting points in developing our products and services. Independence means that after your control computer is installed, we can provide the control programs, if required. This enables you to have your control system maintained by others. Independence also means that it is easy to link or migrate your control computers to other control systems.

This is not possible with suppliers of other control systems and open telemetry systems, as these suppliers connect supply and maintenance inextricably. So, open does not always mean independent …. and that is what you wanted to achieve when you selected an open telemetry system.

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