H2gO for water management

H2gO can Dashbordbe applied to any type of hardware. The software will monitor and control water objects remotely and irrespective of place, type, brand or supplier. The webbased software lets you monitor, manage en control your water infrastructure. H2gO is used as a main station for a variety of goals such as monitoring, management and controlling of waste water, surface water, ground water and drinking water. A multitude of locations can be connected to H2gO; E.g. Stormwater tanks, Pressure sewage stations, Ground water measurements, overflow monitoring, Wiers,  bridges, Locks, Surface water level, flow etc.

Functionalities of H2gO
Through time H2gO has grown into a complete water management system. The list below will explain some of the features of H2gO, but the system is capable of much more!

If we have caught your attention and you would like to get to know more about H2gO and its functionalities you can apply here for a free demo of the H2gO software.

  • Status overview of all locations
    Eevery alarm status of each individual location is easily managed via a GIS-viewer or location overview
  • Control pumps remotely
    Through the schematic display of each location, and by selecting the pump in question, or by reviewing the set up page, pumps can be controlled remotely. (e.g. start/stop, reset and block)
  • Changing set ups of installation remotely
    Every set up which is installed through a PLC are automatically installed in H2gO, through which they can be configured/altered remotely.
  • Creating reports and graphs for individual locations and installations
    The software enables the user to create a variety of reports and graphs (failures, operating hours) of individual locations and installations.
  • Actual alarm overviews
    Real time alarm reviews of all locations and individual locations is manageable through the collection of real time data.
  • Historical alarms
    Alarms which have already been solved are still available in the system.

Consulting of “understations”:

  • SCADA functions
    Via the schematically displayed or SCADA visualisation users are directly supplied with the actual or near real time status of their objects.
  • Data page
    Other regular information about a location, like the address of the location and the communication information. The files connected to the location are available for viewing on the data page.
  • Logbook
    Once faulty data has been located in a certain period, the user can select for the data to be excluded or corrected through a data validation session.

By making a connection with the location (e.g. pumping station, overflow or ground water measurements) the raw measurement data is collected. The raw data is automatically saved in the H2gO Oracle database. The database offers the feature to save data for 10 cumulative years, including the same performance as it has been for data for one year. Due to this the maintenance needed to keep the database up to date is extremely minimized. I-Real updates the software annually to delete bugs and sorts, therefore the software can be used for many years without ever getting out dated.

Maps / Geographic information
The H2gO GIS-viewer offers the feature to study a variety of chart layers. Within the software system the GIS-viewer is often supported by the user’s or the company’s own map material. Direct connections with already existing Geo-systems or “Free” map material such as Google maps and Open Streetmap are also possible. This means that when the user zooms in towards a specific area on the map a very detailed picture will be shown. Which map and which chart layer is displayed can be changed in the GIS-menu.

I-Real is extremely aware of all the possible threats against its hard- and software. To prevent any problematic situation I-Real improves its security on a daily basis, securing the data transfer between H2gO and the location and objects in the field. The companies programmers are taught to follow strict procedures when changing internal or external security methods. All procedures are as stated in our ISO-standard. To maintain this standard I-Real contracts a third party to test their web-software, the external company will try to hack the website, software, database or location. Through contracting this company I-Real is able to obtain all the security measurements possible as stated by the Cyber Security Centre (CSC).

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