Efficient water chain management with H2gO

H2gO is an open process information system, developed for entire infrastructure real-time monitoring, control and alerting. As a web-based master station, H2gO is accessible everywhere via internet and is fully harmonised with current water sector standards.

H2gO offers you remote control, monitoring and management of installations and machinery in the field, as well as possibilities for more efficient operational management. The system is used in a broad range of water sector organisations and cooperative networks. It mainly involves process automation and open telemetry for waste water, drinking water, precipitation and surface water management, and groundwater monitoring for municipalities, provinces, water boards, water companies and suppliers. H2gO is also used for energy monitoring.

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Unique features

  • Accessible everywhere via internet;
  • Modular and open construction;
  • Intuitive and user-friendly visualisation;
  • Suitable for all types of measurements;
  • Secured against undesired use at every level;
  • Extensive and flexible import and export possibilities;
  • GIS, SCADA, RTC, data validation, alerting, trending, reporting and maintenance management (AMS) in one system.
48.893 water objects in H2gO
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Realtime Control
Through the help of Real Time Control (RTC) you can assign H2gO too automatically control objects in the field in real time. In fact you give H2gO instruction on how to react towards certain situations, for example when heavy rainfall occurs. H2gO enables you to develop a step-by-step decision model for each individual object in the field. A great example is the automated decision model at certain pre-defined water levels and specific alarms. You can also set and adjust measurement points, set points and constants.

Extended validation
Water on the streetData validation is one of the most important factors to ensure the quality of data measurements!

Within the process information system of H2gO a variety of basic functions are a standard to validate data measurements. With an extended validation users can apply a more advanced series of validation techniques. Through these you can validate broadly on the following points:

  • Zero drift level measurement
  • Notable data peaks
  • Cross-correlation
  • Auto-correlation
  • Logbook-information validation / analysis of rejected measurements from the logbook

The datascan gives you insight into the quality and accuracy of your measurements.

Through false measurements, faulty equipment or equipment failure the data delivered by measurement equipment can become inaccurate. Many systems save measurement data without any automated quality control. Without these important quality controls, so called data-cemeteries exist; Big data files with unreliable and non-validated data that are useless for the owner. It is of the utmost importance to be able to make decisions based on reliable measurement data. Therefore it is crucial to have recurring data controls.

In practice however it is often the case that due to insufficient time and knowledge these periodic controls cannot be organized. I-Real solves this problem through it’s easy to use data scan, leaving you without any worries. The Data scan is done by one of our own information analysts, putting your data to the test through the use of various data validation checks. The measurement data can be imported to almost any system or device through the H2gO import script.

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