Waste water monitoring and overflow registration

Waste water monitoringRainwater and waste water are transported to the water treatment plant via the waste water system. When precipitation is significant, the waste water system capacity is often insufficient to transport waste water, causing manholes to fill up. To prevent this water flowing directly onto the street, some of the waste water is mixed with ‘clean’ rainwater and transferred to the surface water. This significantly reduces surface water quality and can even result in risks to health.

Overflow monitoring
I-Real offers overflow loggers which monitor how many and how much overflow has happened within a period of time. The loggers give the user insight into the location, time period, frequency, duration and the quantity of water during the overflow. I-Real offers a series of data loggers which are highly suitable for monitoring these overflows; The Leveltrack, RealSense 1 and RealSense 4 dataloggers. All loggers are easily customized towards the users stated purpose.

How it works
The logger sends a ‘keep alive’ message to the main post daily. The moment an overflow happens the server will receive an alarm from the data logger. During the overflow the connected sensor will track the set parameters every minute and registers them. An hour after the initial alarm a message from the logger will be sent to the main post stating the last 60 measurements. As soon as the water level drops beneath a set parameter the logger will return to a ‘rest/sleep’ condition, creating an energy efficient power usage pattern.

Water level and water flow measurements
Overflow monitoringThe Leveltrack, RealSense 1 and RealSense 4 can be deployed for water level monitoring in sewage systems or water flow measurements. The series of data loggers and sensors are used to create a completely automated monitoring system. Users can with the help of the information from the dataloggers and sensors create precautionary actions such as activating pumps and planning investments on the basis of pre-recorded facts.

The Leveltrack, RealSense 1 or RealSense 4 dataloggers are highly suitable for absolute and relative water level measurement as the housing of the loggers includes an air pressure valve and an integrated air pressure sensor.

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