Groundwater monitoring

Ground water monitoringI-Real is extremely experienced in constructing and maintaining groundwater measurement networks. Such measurement networks can be installed temporarily or permanently. There are various types of data loggers to measure, monitor and register groundwater levels.

For remote telemetric measurements, monitoring and registering of ground water levels I-Real created the Leveltrack datalogger. The datalogger has a cylindrical housing specifically created for usage in bore holes, gauges and street pits. The telemetric Leveltrack data logger communicates via two different networks: 3G/GPRS or LPWAN/LoRa.

Leveltrack 3G/GPRS
The Leveltrack datalogger is equipped with a GPRS and/or 3G communication module, antenna or an internal battery. The data is stored locally and periodically and transmitted to the main post, through which the user is kept up to date about the water level state.

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Leveltrack LPWAN/LoRa
TLoRahe addition of LoRa technology creates a more energy efficient datalogger, as LoRa uses a very limited amount of power while transmitting data it increases the battery life of the datalogger, decreasing its maintenance and battery replacement frequency. Through adding the LoRa technology to the range of already existing communication possibilities, the user in ensured that the data received from objects in the field is extremely reliable. The Leveltrack logger is suitable for running on private LoRa networks and public LoRa networks.

Watch the movie where we explain what our Leveltrack LoRa data logger can do for your groundwater monitoring.

A datalogger is lost without the right sensor, that is why the series of loggers can be connected to almost all sensors that function on; 4-20 mA, 0-10 V or puls. I-Real offers two standard sensors for ground water monitoring, the high-end and mid-range sensors. Both sensors have a relative hydrostatic pressure transducer which is equipped with a ceramic measurement cell. The high-end sensor guarantees a high and sustainable measurement accuracy, while the mid-range sensor is mostly used in cases where the measurement frequency is typically a bit lower than usual.

Leveltrack en RealSense 1Manual measurements
Every ground water measurement location has to visited during the manual measurements, with the use of either a tape-measure or a gauging rod the ground water level is measured after which it is manually entered into the system. Depending on the factors applicable to each area it could be interesting to choose for the manual process. I-Real has the people and the equipment to make opportunity possible for you.

30 tips!
Would you like to know how you could improve your ground water measurement network? I-Real has compiled 30 tips on how to improve the measurement and monitoring of ground water.

Download 30 tips to improve your groundwater monitoring network 


Main post/portal
All the different types of loggers can be jointly deployed so that a combined measurement network is created. All the data from the different loggers can be imported into an open telemetric software system such as H2gO. Through this portal the user can easily go online and see all the ground water levels in real time. Information such as coordinates, drilling profiles, photo material and other data can be easily entered in to the system.

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