Data loggers & Sensors

Measuring and monitoring is an important discussion topic in the water sector. It is recognised that reliable measurement data can result in improved policy and often in considerable cost savings.

The data loggers and sensors are particularly used for monitoring of:

Other application areas include:

  • Soil, Water and Climate (meteorology)
  • Land, Road and Civil Engineering and Management projects
  • Dehydration and rehydration projects
  • Research projects (catchment areas, construction of detailed models)
  • Enforcement projects (dewatering, archaeology, tree surgery)

I-Real’s smart data loggers store measurement data locally from various types of sensors. The data loggers can be freely configured with specific measurement and send regimes and alerting. Measurement data stored in the internal memory can be read on site or sent via a wireless network connection including GSM or SMS.

With internal batteries, data loggers are invaluable for measurement locations without mains power. Data loggers can be provided with solar panels or connected to mains power, depending on the application and requirements. This creates an optimum sustainable solution.

Leveltrack en RealSense 2Here an overview of our data loggers:


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