Asset management system

Asset management is of great importance to efficient operations. Careful planning and implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance to objects (installations) can extend service life, improve safety, reduce failures and save costs.

The I-Real Asset Management System contributes to optimum control of maintenance.

AMS is a web-based application developed to digitise maintenance. Everything concerning the operational maintenance of objects is incorporated within one system. The AMS system is used in a broad range of organisations, municipalities, water boards and provinces. As AMS is extremely flexible and can be designed according to requirements, it is suitable for almost all installations in public space. AMS is a stand-alone application, but can also be integrated within the H2gO and RealM2M process automation systems.


  • Waste water management (pressure waste water, mini pumping stations, overflows)
  • Surface water management (locks, bridges, pumping stations)
  • Groundwater monitoring (piezometers)
  • Drinking water management
  • Traffic management (Traffic Management Installations, movable objects such as barriers, PRIS)
  • Public space (lamp posts, shelters, playground equipment, fountains)
  • Energy management (Gas, heat and energy meters)


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