Smart water management

The Netherlands and water are inextricably linked and the Dutch have been regarded as pioneers in water management for many years. I-Real contributes to this through its Smart Water Management system. The system enables you to monitor, control and manage the entire water chain both for your organisation and for the region as a whole. Think of objects like pumping stations, overflows, sedimentation tanks or weirs and locks. I-Real works completely irrespective of the brand or type of control system or data logger used. Efficient water management for the best performance.


Reduce your costs

I-Real’s Smart Water Management solution does not restrict you to a certain brand, giving you the freedom to choose whichever control system you prefer. The system also creates links to existing installations in the field. Incorporating different types of water structure within one system offers increased insight into total water chain performance, leading you to postpone or entirely cancel investments.

Improve sustainability

Smart Water Management promotes sustainable investment through more effective water chain management. Smart control programs and real-time control save you energy and do everything possible to prevent water and waste water ending up on the street.

Improve quality

I-Real’s Smart Water Management solution enables you to discover data problems faster and resolve these structurally. With smart techniques and reports you can respond more efficiently and improve quality.

Increase and safeguard knowledge

Retaining quality while improving the effectiveness of the water chain is only achievable if you have good substantial knowledge of how systems in your environment actually function. The Smart Water Management software increases the knowledge in your region, storing it centrally and safeguarding it for the future.


  • Insight in performance complete water chain
  • Quality improvement of water system
  • Investments based on facts
  • Optimize current water infrastructure
  • Fix problems quickly and structurally based on data
  • Improve effectiveness of water management
  • Increase and secure knowledge

I-Real and water management

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How does it work? Automatically!

The Smart Water Management solution comprises various components, both software as well as hardware. All solutions are fully scalable and are of modular construction. The system is brand and supplier independent and is developed according to the latest standards.

Your infrastructure
1 Your infrastructure
You can manage various water structures with the Smart Water Management system. This includes waste water systems such as pumping stations, overflows, sedimentation tanks or surface water systems such as weirs and locks. The system is brand independent and can be connected to existing systems.
Remote measuring and reading
2 Remote measuring and reading
Our software communicates remotely with almost all structures within your infrastructure. But if required we can also supply sensors, PLCs and modems. Remote communication with water structures runs via secured wired and wireless networks. Links to hardware takes place via open protocols, which means that the software can 'talk' directly to existing equipment in the field without the need for additional equipment or involving the external main station.
Safe access via your browser
3 Safe access via your browser
You only need a web browser and an internet connection to use the application. We use the SSL technique, which ensures that your data are sent reliably and safely via the internet. This means you always have secure access to your data. You can also determine who is given access to the data, because user rights can be defined freely, enabling you to offer (limited) access to external parties when required (such as maintenance partners).
Permanent overview and control
4 Permanent overview and control
The complete automatic control means you always have access to reliable data; data that form a source of information to analyse and optimise water and waste water chains. The availability of a mobile app enables the main station to be operated independent of platform and location. Data are processed in the software and translated into clear diagrams and smart overviews. Within a cooperative network you can also use data from neighbouring municipalities and/or the water board's main station.
Remote control and management
5 Remote control and management
As the system offers two-way communication with water structures in the field, these can be read and controlled remotely. Pumps can be switched on or off or can be reset, and the software allows you to operate such systems as locks and weirs. As all structures are linked together via the Smart Water Management system, software procedures provide efficient and automated control of the water chain.

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