RealM2M Traffic

RealM2M Traffic is used for remote administration, monitoring, control and management of various (dynamic) traffic systems. These include the harmonisation of Traffic control systems to current traffic volumes, Parking Route Information Systems (PRIS), Dynamic Route Information Panel (DRIP), the (dynamic) dimming of Public Lighting or access gates. RealM2M Traffic can be used as individual system or part of a total dynamic traffic management system. The means that the system can connect to systems of other types and brands, but also can combine the information from various systems.

How is it controlled?

RealM2M Traffic communicates via wireless connection with the traffic object management systems. It exchanges data and presents these in a user-friendly web interface. The objects can be monitored, maintained and dynamically controlled and managed via this interface.


  • Integration of various traffic control systems
  • Scenario planning
  • Real-time insight into the current traffic situation
  • User-friendly web-based interface
  • Failure alerts
  • Visual display via GIS viewer, diagrams and reports

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