Real-time measurement data for industrial consumers

Many consumers, whether industrial or commercial, often have insufficient insight into their energy consumption and/or yields. When a lot of energy is consumed or generated, it is not always easy to obtain a quick overview. RealM2M Energy provides you with up-to-date information from all connected measurement devices. Just one system provides alerts, controls and monitoring of your measurement devices so you can manage your energy consumption real-time.

For automatic data retrieval, I-Real supplies a modem that is installed and connected to a digital meter at the industrial consumer’s request. This concerns both consumption as well as production meters. Consumption values are pushed to the application. Data is transferred automatically to the system and can be consulted online in the customer’s existing energy management system.

As the application runs as a web service, the software can be integrated with existing monitoring systems, enabling the system to operate independent of supplier and offer accessibility from all existing platforms.

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