Invoice control with RealEnergy; RealEnergy is a component of the Smart Energy Software. RealEnergy is a user-friendly application to register, monitor and manage your energy streams.

It is becoming increasingly important to check the accuracy of invoices from energy suppliers, as not every sent invoice is complete and/or correct. Various kinds of invoices are received every month and these should be checked. Perhaps this check is skipped because of lack of time? Perhaps it entails a search in dozens of files? Or maybe you have to wait for answers from colleagues? How can an organisation implement the right working method here?

RealEnergy was developed for organisations that consume a lot of energy, such as water boards, municipalities, provinces, healthcare organisations, metering companies, housing corporations and suppliers. RealEnergy makes energy consumption clear, shows what the costs should be and which costs are actually invoiced. In short: you have control over invoices received from suppliers and grid operators!


  • Registration of consumption, meter readings and contract consumption
  • Check on contracts and on energy loss (reactive power consumption)
  • Irregularities in invoices are simple to discover
  • Can be applied to various electricity, gas, heating and water meters
  • Scalable: suitable for a few or tens of thousands of meters
  • Extensive data import: Excel, CSV and XML

Business relation data can be managed

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