Reduce your energy costs in 4 steps

If you are responsible for energy management, or your organisation has many energy connections or supplies/produces energy, then I-Real’s Smart Energy Software will help reduce your energy costs in 4 steps:


1. Overview
Average saving 5%

Our Smart Energy Software offers you oversight by linking various systems to the software automatically. As everything is stored clearly together in one central system you no longer need to consult various sources for your energy information, saving you time and money!

2. Monitoring
Average saving 8%

Our Smart Energy Software monitors accounts automatically based on actual energy streams and agreements made. The system uses a measurement register to issue alerts in the event of high peaks, high consumption and faulty connections. This means you only need to take action when something isn’t right.

3. Insight
Average saving 20%

Our Smart Energy Software helps you control your energy expenditure by offering you real-time insight into energy consumption. This enables you to save even more costs through:

Tracing peaks and troughs in consumption;

  • Optimising consumption profiles;
  • Reducing connection costs;
  • Attuning energy consumption to external conditions;
  • Evaluating the impact of optimisation measures;
  • Providing alert and failure notifications.

4. Control
Average saving 25%

However, our Smart Energy Software goes even further. The system can help you control and further optimise your production and other processes and cost-saving measures. The software can activate and deactivate equipment automatically according to prior set parameters. This optimises consumption and energy supplied back to the grid according to availability or the energy price at that time.

I-Real and energy management

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If you would like to know how much you can save on your energy costs, do the Energy Check!

How does it work? Automatically!

The system works according to five automated steps. The modular system is fully scalable, giving you the freedom to determine yourself which steps you take.

Your energy data
1 Your energy data
Our Smart Energy Software processes data from all kinds of sources, including energy meters, energy invoices, Excel files or already existing administrative applications. The software offers an organised measurement register and brings order to your administration.
Remote measuring and reading
2 Remote measuring and reading
Energy data can be entered or read remotely depending on the source. This takes place entirely automatically. Links to existing systems can be created as required. Our Smart Energy Software ensures that your energy data are available centrally.
Safe access via your browser
3 Safe access via your browser
The system is entirely web-based and operates on all standard platforms, providing you with access to your data always and everywhere. The system processes entered energy data into reader-friendly diagrams and smart overviews.
Permanent overview and control
4 Permanent overview and control
The system conducts fully-automated checks on faulty connections, high peaks and energy invoice and energy connection excesses. The system offers you insight into your energy streams. You can upload incoming invoices manually and design diagrams and cost-saving analyses.
Remote control
5 Remote control
Analysing your energy stream enables you to optimise your processes. Have you ever considered controlling your processes and machinery according to the energy price available at a particular time? Our Smart Energy Software enables you to activate equipment remotely when the energy price is low (or even negative) and supplies your generated energy when the price is high. It is also easy to link the system to various Energy Management systems.

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If you would like to know how much you can save on your energy costs, do the Energy Check!

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