The origin of I-Real

I-Real has used the Internet of Things (IoT) principle since its establishment in 2003, at a time when it was still called Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. This was first applied in the area of water management. Over the years I-Real has applied the same concept to other management areas in public space, such as energy, traffic, land and waste streams.

IoT, Internet of Things

I-Real started a project for a large water board in the Netherlands in 2003 (Rijn en IJssel). The initial requirement was to design and implement a monitoring and control system for various water chain objects, including weirs, locks and pumping stations. The biggest challenge here was that each object was supplied by different suppliers, each with its own protocol and interface. To implement the project successfully a more open software system was required; one that also could communicate via various (telecom) connections. This is how our H2gO solution originated. It is a fantastic leader in the current Internet of Things trend in which all kinds of items and objects are connected via the internet. Within IoT, objects can communicate with people and other objects, and take autonomous decisions on the basis of this. I-Real’s pooling of physical objects and the virtual world offers entirely new insights and possibilities to enhance the integrated management of objectives and installations.

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