Gemeente Doetinchem


“We have a huge range of connections in Doetinchem, such as 240 different points for public lighting,” said Rob Crop, Public Lighting Policy Officer for this municipality in the Achterhoek. The connection points are located in the transformer room of grid operator Liander, which is not accessible to the municipality. Crop is thus always dependent on measurement levels as forwarded by the grid operator. But that’s not all. “We also receive measurement levels for 200 waste water pumping station connections that are far outside our area. What’s more, we receive invoices for the electricity for 70 parking meters and a series of unmetered connections such as map signs and parking information systems,” summarised Crop.


The switch to I-Real’s Smart Energy System means that Crop’s problems will soon be history, because The system organises all subinvoices, irrespective of whether they are in sent in Excel, CSV or XML format. “It makes no difference to us that the gas data come from Greenchoice and the electricity data from Eneco”, said Crop. “And when we have smart meters everywhere from 1 January 2016, the system itself will read the hardware and we can check whether the sent invoice matches actual use.”

"The meters can be read remotely, invoices compared and the data control is presented clearly. Until now other suppliers only offer one facet."

Rob Crop - Policy Officer Public Lighting, Municipality of Doetinchem

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