The versatility of H2gO

logo H2gOH2gO is used by various types of organisations for a wide range of applications. Fortunately, the application has been designed in such a way that versatility is one of its strong points. Many organisations use H2gO as a local control system. But for various partnerships, the application is used as a regional main station. In whatever way the system is used, the operator can gain insight into the various monitoring networks with just one push of a button; whether it concerns wastewater pumping stations and peripheral services, groundwater monitoring points or rain gauges, all objects can be controlled from the same application.

Efficient management
Cooperation is becoming increasingly important in the water chain. Water management needs to be more efficient and municipalities and water authorities are expected to achieve more with fewer resources. H2gO plays an important role in this. By combining all kinds of water objects within one telemetry system, users can obtain better insight into the performance of the entire water chain. This results in more efficient management based on facts and to the postponement or adjustment of investments.

Good content knowledge of actual wastewater and water system performance within the municipality and/or region is essential in order to improve water chain efficiency while retaining quality. H2gO increases the knowledge of those responsible within the region. And this is safeguarded by recording knowledge centrally. This reduces the risk that knowledge is lost as soon as employees leave the organisation. Other organisations or consultancies can also obtain access to (certain) data, which leads to fast and clear transfer.

H2gO operates in a brand-independent way. The application communicates with all systems, irrespective of type, brand or supplier. This means that the operator can deploy its own control stations if desired. It is therefore possible to create links with already existing systems in the field. This independence does not only apply to hardware links but also to links with existing third party software applications.

landschap waterSmart City
Organisations are increasingly involved in the Smart City concept; the smart connection of people, objects, resources and systems. Organisations that use I-Real’s telemetry systems can integrate their water, traffic and energy monitoring systems for smart management and control of public areas. Users only need to consult one system to monitor and manage data from each different system. For instance, the system can set a traffic diversion using the Dynamic Route Information Panel (DRIP) should a road need to be closed because of heavy rainfall.

The versatility of H2gO is therefore not restricted to the functional level, but can also be used for an extensive package of applications.

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