I-Real joins the LoRa® Alliance and releases the RealSense Water datalogger

LoRa allianceI-Real has joined the LoRa Alliance and has adopted the LoRa standard to the RealSense dataloggers on H2gO software platform for smart water management.

I-Real, founded in The Netherlands, has over 13 year experience in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) and leads the Dutch market for remote water management with over 150.000 objects in real-time control.

Internet of Things
“Our portfolio of Water IoT products, powered by our expertise, software and hardware, are widely used by the majority of Dutch municipalities, waterboards and infrastructure maintenance companies” said Bouke Siebenga , Managing Director of I-Real. “We now take this expertise further abroad and allow co-member of the LoRa alliance to benefit from our expertise and use our products with their label in their country”.

LoRa Alliance Open House
I-Real will launch the RealSense 1 LoRa enabled datalogger to the international audience at the LoRa Alliance meeting and LoRa Alliance Open House, held in Santa Clara, California, April 4-6. The RealSense 1 will complete certification for Europe in Q2 2016 in and is used for groundwater level monitoring and water sensor monitoring in The Netherlands and abroad.

At the LoRa Alliance meeting I-Real will also showcase its H2gO platform that manages objects for waste water, ground water, surface water, and controls objects in real-time like pumping stations, sewer pressure systems or combined sewer overflows (CSO).

logo H2gOArjan Leneman, Product Manager H2gO: “I-Real is an industry leader for integrating communication with PLC and SCADA systems on devices relevant for the water industry. The H2gO software application connects all kinds of water installations, irrespective of place, type, brand or supplier”. The system provides real-time information, enabling administrators to take the most efficient decisions at all times and to implement these automatically. “LoRa is an enrichment to our wide portfolio of protocols and creates a cost effective opportunity for low powered remote water sensors and dataloggers”, says Leneman.

About LoRa Alliance
The LoRa Alliance is a non-profit organisation founded in 2015 by industry leaders across the IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) industries, has a mission to standardise Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN), which are being deployed worldwide to enable IoT, M2M, smart city and industrial applications. The Alliance members collaborate to drive the global success of the LoRa protocol (LoRaWAN), by sharing knowledge and experience to guarantee interoperability between operators.

For further information contact:
Chris Belterman

For meeting I-Real at LoRa Alliance event, April 4 – 6 Santa Clara (CA) contact:
Simon van den Dries

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