Assignment for TCS control municipality of Leeuwarden

verkeerslicht close upThe municipality of Leeuwarden recently published a multiple private tender for a TCS control centre. The assignment for the new control centre for traffic control systems (TCS) was awarded to I-Real, which will start to implement its traffic management system, RealM2M Traffic, within the municipality.

The TCS control centre is a system for the technical and functional control of traffic systems. The municipality of Leeuwarden’s current TCS system is outdated and therefore no longer capable of accessing the new IVERA systems. All TCSs to be connected will be accessed in RealM2M Traffic, based on the various versions of the IVERA protocol.

New locations
Approximately 40 TCS locations will be managed by RealM2M Traffic. The municipality is now busy providing all locations with the IVERA protocol and accessing this via ADSL. In the coming period, near the new Leeuwarden ring road, yet more new TCSs will be installed. A number of outdated systems in the city will also be replaced.


RealM2M Traffic
One of Leeuwarden’s most important criteria in selecting the right system was a web-based application and the possibility of accessing other traffic systems and types of traffic objects. The control module within RealM2M offers controllers within the municipality of Leeuwarden the possibility to adapt the configuration and add new TCSs.

Dynamic traffic management
With the ‘DVM-Exchange protocol’, combined with the functionalities of RealM2M Traffic, Leeuwarden is capable of controlling the TCSs dynamically. The municipality can also utilise RealM2M Traffic broadly as operational system for other traffic objects. The addition of water and energy modules also enables other controllable and measurable objects to be connected. This enables the RealM2M system to act as the hub of a Smart City concept.

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