I-Real wins Sensoring Success Pioneer Award for best LoRa application

Sensoring_Success__094 I-Real was awarded the Pioneer Award for the most innovative and concrete Private LoRa application on 31 March 2016. The jury of 8 found that, of the many submissions, the ‘LoRa Realsense groundwater data logger’ met and even exceeded the set criteria. The RealSense data loggers enable municipalities, water authorities and governments to provide an efficient and sustainable monitoring network for smart water management.

The jury report stated: “The I-Real solution solves a current problem and will become even more relevant in the light of climate change. The LoRa groundwater data logger offers an efficient data acquisition method in cases where a lack of power supply initially made this impossible. The total solution provided by I-Real also offers end customers complete piece of mind”.

Internet of Things
The Award is an initiative of MCS – Mixe Communication Solutions BV. from Rotterdam. MCS started the partner programme ‘Sensoring Success’ following the launch of ITalks Private LoRa™ at the end of last year. The objective is to work rapidly towards concrete, innovative and viable ‘Internet of Things’ applications that resolve very specific problems for the government and business world, using Private LoRa combined with ITalks technology. The Pioneer Award is the climax of 3 months’ work by Sensoring Success members. The winner, I-Real, was ultimately selected following an engaging pitch to a mixed and critical jury.

For more information about the I-Real please visit www.i-real.com.

The jury comprised:

  • Award Winnaar icoonRex Vermeulen (Chair) – Director Mantor Business Partners
  • Jan-Hein Bastiaenen – General Director Strict Consultancy
  • Richard Bruins – Director FGB Facility management
  • Marcel Dekker – Manager E-commerce SUEZ Recycling and Recovery Netherlands
  • Sef Heldens – Publisher/Head Editor Telecom Business magazine
  • Alexandre Janssen – Head of Innovation Deloitte EMEA
  • Jan van de Ven – Manager Smart Outdoor Eneco Innovation & Ventures
  • Frank Vieveen – Programme Manager Digital Economy | Smart city Municipality of Rotterdam
  • Martin Wildeboer – Director MCS
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