White paper: Creating the Internet of Things for water infrastructure

IoT, Internet of ThingsThe Netherlands has a rich history with water management and is famous for conquering seas and deltas combined with an impressive water infrastructure management. It all started with managing water. Since 2003, I-Real has grown rapidly and services today hundreds of municipalities and waterboards with over 150.000 objects in real time control for variety of water sectors in ground, waste, surface, drinking water and precipitation.

H2gO Software platform
H2gO is an open process information system, developed for entire infrastructure real-time monitoring, control and alerting. The application communicates remotely with almost all structures within your (water)infrastructure. As a web-based master station, H2gO is accessible everywhere via internet and is fully harmonised with current water sector standards.

Optimised operational (water)management helps prevent and limit disasters and failures. The collected data helps you to do investments based on facts and not assumptions. Smart control of your installations leads to extended installation service life, cost reduction and energy savings.

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H2gO has the following unique features:

  • Fully integrated protocols for all major PLC, datalogger and sensor providers. Such as Mitsubishi, Schneider Electric, Omron, T-box and Phoenix, with supported protocols such as TMX, IEC, Comli, Aquacom, Modbus, DNP3 etc.
  • Equipped and used with all means of communications, including: GPRS, SMS, 3G, ADSL, Fiber, Satellite, LoRa
  • Pre-integrated objects such as: pumping stations, wiers, locks, measure points, pressure sewer, sedimentation tanks, boosterstations, precipitation measuring, fountains etc.
  • Modular and Open
  • Secured against undesired use at every level according to NCSC standard

RealSense dataloggers and sensors
LoRaFor the monitoring of water levels, I-Real has used a number of sensors from the industry and developed and produced its own RealSense 1 and RealSense 4 dataloggers. However, as I-Real grew further into the Dutch market it became apparent that no suitable low power, cost efficient water datalogger was on the market that suited the needs for I-Real. Since then it releases the RealSense dataloggers to communicate with SMS, 2G, 3G and as per 2016: LoRa.

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