Municipality of Stein measures Aquaflow because of disruption

aquaflow_opbouw2Damp problems have developed in basements following heavy rainfall for residents in a street in the municipality of Stein over the past year. The municipality is investigating the cause of these problems, both within its own waste water system as well as in relation to ground and surface water levels. Stein used a number of I-Real’s telemetric data loggers for this.

Following investigation, the municipal waste water system was shown to comply with standards. This was certainly the case after the installation of an Aquaflow system, which enables the carriageway foundation to capture rainwater temporarily, resulting in less water being transported simultaneously. The municipality of Stein is using I-Real loggers to investigate whether the Aquaflow system is working effectively in retaining sufficient water and allowing this to filter through to the subsurface.

Household waste water system
One of the causes could be the residents’ own waste water systems. It could be that ‘household waste water systems’ on the owners’ own grounds are unable to cope with heavy rainfall, which is then pushed back towards their homes. Water can exit the system if the home system is not watertight. Water can also collect around the homes and slowly filter through to the subsurface. Although owners are responsible on their own properties, the municipality still wanted to investigate whether the Aquaflow system was involved.

Other causes
The Aquaflow system and ‘household waste water systems’ are not the only causes being investigated. Groundwater levels are also to be examined. But at depth of -10 to -12 metres below surface level, groundwater levels are hardly likely to influence infiltration into the waste water system. Surface water could, however, contribute to residents’ damp problems. It seems as though this does not disappear quickly enough during heavy showers. The problem, however, seems to be on or around private grounds. And because residents indicate that the problems started to occur after the municipality installed the Aquaflow system on the road surface, it is interesting to measure how quickly or slowly surface water disappears into the ground layers. These levels will then also be measured by the municipality in order to create a complete picture of the situation.

Aquaflow werkingThe Aquaflow system ensures that rainwater that falls on the paved road surface is buffered in the road’s foundations. Rainwater falling on the carriageway and pavements runs via drains in the Aquaflow system, or runs via the few emergency overflows in the mixed waste water system. In the event of a heavy shower, water is transported completely within 1 hour, or filters through to the deeper subsurface via long drainage rods. Various inspection points were incorporated into the system to measure water levels. I-Real installed telemetric loggers to these so that the municipality can assess whether the system functions as it should. The data is made accessible to the H2gO application, after which, the exact cause of the damp problems in the basements can be assessed.

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