I-Real connects people, installations and sensors with intelligent software for integrated and efficient management. I-Real stands for Interactive Reality.

Since its establishment I-Real has enabled its users to experience that people, objects and sensors in the field can cooperate efficiently and interactively. Interactive Reality means that underlying data is made available from physical technical installations, enabling intelligent decisions to be taken that are used for automatic control.

I-Real uses efficient management to help managers of public space operate smarter, more sustainably and cheaper.

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Our Smart City concept

I-Real's solutions enable public space to be managed more efficiently in almost every aspect. This applies to municipalities, water boards, provinces and a growing number of multi-site organisations. As all systems are integrated, a user only needs to consult one system. Municipalities using smart control of public space are called 'Smart Cities'. They can be independent, or work in partnership with other municipalities, provinces and water boards.


I-Real's software operates as a translation computer, enabling communication with all types of PLCs or control computers, irrespective of brand or type. Where local intelligence is not available, our own developed data loggers with sensors are used.


Advanced telecommunications are used to achieve a connection between the object and the servers. The collected data is sent to your database via a secured, often wireless connection.


Data are collected and processed in databases in the system. The data is validated automatically, increasing the reliability. Links to third party systems are also made to optimise data exchange.


Data collected provide you with insight into your systems' effectiveness. Data analysis contributes to efficient management and substantiated decisions. The system generates clear diagrams and clear management reports.


The collected information enables you to control and optimise your installations and processes. The data are used by the system to generate automatic actions. Objects and installations can communicate with each other, resulting in effective short and long-term water management.

What are the advantages for you?

Improved quality

Optimised operational management helps prevent and limit disasters and failures.

Lower costs

Investments are made according to facts and not assumptions.

More sustainable

Smart control leads to extended installation service life, cost reduction and energy savings.

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