Creating the Internet of Things for Water Infrastructure

We connect, you control

The physical world around us comprises many water structures, installations, equipment and other types of water infrastructure, like Pumping/Lift stations, Wiers, Fountains and Overflow and groundwater monitoring locations. I-Real’s advanced software connects all these components, irrespective of place, type, brand or supplier. The monitoring and control sensors and data loggers real-time information, enabling administrators to take the most efficient decisions at all times and to implement these automatically.

Your advantages!

What are your advantages

Optimised operational water management helps prevent and limit disasters and failures. Data helps you to do investments based on facts and not assumptions. Smart control of your installations leads to extended installation service life, cost reduction and energy savings.

Improved quality
Lower costs
More sustainable

Remote measuring and reading

Our software communicates remotely with almost all water objects within your infrastructure. But if required we can also supply sensors, PLCs, (energy)meters and modems. Remote communication with your water structures runs via secured wired and wireless networks. Links to hardware takes place via open protocols, which means that the software can ‘talk’ directly to existing equipment in the field. The webbased software lets you monitor, manage en control your water infrastructure.

Manage your infrastructure!


More than water objects

The system is not only capable to manage and control most of your water objects, but your complete public infrastructure. This means that the software also allows you to operate systems for Traffic control and public lightning. By linking all structures together via the system, automatic procedures provide efficient and automated control of your public infrastructure.

Would you like to have control of your infrastructure?

Swing gate

Pumping stations



Moving bridge

Aggregate/ generator



Cadastral premisis

Traffic control system (TCS)

Weigh bridge

Detection loop

Speed Camera

Traffic camera system

Rail crossing



Water gauge

Ground water gauge


Energy meter

Transmission tower


Public lighting

Data logger

Parking Route Information System (PRIS)


Sewer level measuring

If you would also like control
of your infrastructure,

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